West of Romania

Banat is a geographical and historical region divided between three countries (Romania, Serbia, and Hungary). Its name comes from the word “Ban”, a military leader of this region.
The eastern part of the region lies in western Romania, being bordered by Transylvania and Walachia regions. Banat is different, it has a different history, a history written by Romanians, Germans, Serbians, Hungarians and other nations, the Austro-Hungarians having had a significant influence on their way of living, even in their language.
The inhabitants here continue to live their traditions. From the way of working the land to the way of cooking, all these are part of a unique experience worth to be “tasted” once in a lifetime at least.


Timișoara is the main city of the region. Built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress, it is the largest city in the west of the country. Turks, Serbs, Germans, and Austrians have brought their influence, the city being also referred to as “Little Vienna”. Timișoara has a specific cultural life. From art galleries, museums to the three big theaters, all of them create a unique cultural place.

Also, nature in this region has a lot to offer. Wonderful mountains landscapes, parks, natural reserves will enjoy your eyes and soul with a quiet and serene beauty.

Bigar Waterfall

Bigar Waterfall brings you to a magic world. Located in Anina Mountains, it has its own magic legend. The story tells that a long time ago, a girl was locked by her parents in a cave because she was in love with a boy, named Bigar. The only way to live their love story was she to become a waterfall, so Bigar could drown in its waters. Their love is still alive. Visiting this place, you will be part of this romance story, called Bigar Waterfall, being surrounded by beautiful sceneries that will fill your soul with joy, happiness, and peace.

Veterani Cave

Veterani Cave, known as the sanctuary of Zamolxis, is situated on the left bank of the Danube. It is the first cave to be mapped in Europe that was inhabited by humans about 4000 years ago. It’s believed that Empress Maria Theresa and the Serbian dynasty Obrenovic have hidden here their secret treasures.

The cave is accessible only by boat or motor boat. Visiting this place will be a unique experience for you.

The Danube’s Cauldrons

It is a beautiful natural area, being the ideal place for relaxation. Located in south-west Romania, the Danube’s Cauldrons are a nine-kilometer sector cutting through the Carpathian Mountains. Beyond the amazing and unique surroundings, you will also see the biggest sculpture in stone from Europe. It is carved in stone and it measures about 40 meters high.

This construction took 10 years (1994-2004) and cost about 1 million dollars. As a tourist, you will enjoy the beauty of these places and you will also find many recreational opportunities.


Facts, figures, and transportation

TRANSPORTATION(car hire, taxi, train, bus)

Things to do in Banat

  • Trekking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Hunting
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing
  • Wine tasting
  • Veterani Cave
  • Semenic Peaks
  • Băile Herculane
  • Timișoara city
  • Nature walks
  • Lifestyle of the inhabitants
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Vineyards of Banat (Midis Maderat, Viile Banatului)


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