North-west of Romania

Crișana is a geographical and historical region in the northwest Romania, being named after the three rivers: Crișul Repede, Crișul Alb, and Crișul Negru. It also extends its territories in Hungary. Here were held the battles between Romanians and Hungarians, the history leaving its mark on almost every corner of this region. In Crișana region one can find many fantastic “worlds”.

Geothermal waters

The geothermal waters, discovered from ancient times, represent the world of health, being the main aspect of this region. These waters have a beneficial and magical effect for the body. There are many resorts for treatment and relaxation like Băile Felix, Băile 1 Mai, Băile Tinca or Stâna de Vale Resort Spa where a lot of people are coming to treat their health problems.

Băile Felix is Romanian’s largest health resort that offers spa facilities like sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness or thermal swimming pools and a lot of treatments like galvanic baths, aerosols, aromatherapy, kinetotherapy or warm mud baths. You can enjoy this world even in winter, the warm water having over 35C degrees.

Culture and architecture

The culture is part of another world. A world that has preserved its architecture in a very good condition. Ancient cities like Oradea, Roșiori, Sălacea or Sălard, ethnography and folk traditions, memorial houses, museums, old wooden churches, and castles, create an impressive world of culture, of authenticity that need be seen.


The people and their tradition create their world. A beautiful world that time hasn`t changed it. Their clothes, their food, their way of stacking hay and their way to pray are the same. You will see people that still mow grass by hand, people that cultivate the land and even people with carts pulled by horses on the roads.


The mountains of this region create a different world, a world of beauty, happiness and peace. The unspoiled nature and the beautiful green landscapes create a piece of ‘heaven’ on earth. The rivers have created amazing gorges and caves (here is the longest cave in the country, named the Wind Cave that has about 47 km) that along the fantastic flora of these mountains make this region unique.

Bears’ Cave

A wonder of nature is the Bears’ Cave, discovered accidentally in 1975. The name comes from a great number of cave bear fossils, a species that disappeared for about 15.000 years ago. It has four main galleries: Bones Gallery, Emil Racoviță gallery (opened only for professional speleologists), Candles Gallery and Scientific Gallery. All these places are hard to imagine, they must be seen. You should enjoy, to experience their freedom, their purity, their authenticity.


Facts, figures, and transportation

TRANSPORTATION(car hire, taxi, train, bus)

Things to do in Crișana

  • Trekking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Swimming (thermal swimming pools)
  • Horse riding
  • Camping
  • Nature walks
  • Apuseni Mountains
  • Winter resorts from Boga and Stâna de Vale
  • Thermal spa resorts (Băile Felix)
  • Citadels and castles
  • Apuseni National Park
  • Caves (Bear Cave, The Altar Stone Cave, The Wind Cave)
  • Țara Zarandului (Zarandului Land) – here are the main folk centers: Barsa, Bârzava, Burchis-Capalnas and Buteni
  • Bulz food (made of a maize porridge with slices of fried chop and cheese)
  • Thermal water swimming resorts


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