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  • Ramona Burda
      Ramona BurdaCO-FOUNDER
    • Carmen Lakatos
        Carmen LakatosCO-FOUNDER

      A story started from
      pure passion

      As children (and sisters), we became enchanted by the sights, sounds and tastes of our home country. As students we discovered our culture, traditions and history, and as adults we have seen, and come to appreciate, the beauty of Romania’s landscapes and architecture.

      Throughout our lives we have seen, felt and lived everything that is Romania. Now we would dearly love to help you do the same through Unique Romania.

      Our objective

      Our backgrounds are entwined with promoting tourism in Romania: we both qualified as tourist guides after graduating from university, and Ramona specialised in geography and tourism during her studies.

      Ramona went on to use her career in tourism to establish many useful contacts across the country, from hoteliers to specialist guides, and in 2015 she opened her own travel agency.

      My career moved in a different direction as I had been a medical student at university. I worked as a GP before studying dentistry in 2002 (the following year I also qualified as a tourist guide). After graduating as a dentist in 2006 I moved to the UK.

      I have been working as a dentist here since 2007 (NHS and private practice) and became a British citizen in 2014.

      Travel has always been a shared passion with my sister. We have visited over 30 countries all around the world and this opened our eyes to the potential for Romania to become an attractive and fascinating tourist destination.

      During my time in the UK, I had already arranged holidays to Romania for friends and colleagues.

      After speaking with Ramona, we decided to merge our enthusiasm and created Unique Romania, to use our knowledge, experience, and contacts to provide a wide range of tours and adventures for British visitors.


      Romania has something for everyone, from children to adults, whether you want a relaxed holiday visiting one of our beautiful, medieval villages, or a more energetic break walking, ski-ing or driving through our forests and mountains.

      Our tours and adventures have been created to be different; encouraging and allowing visitors to see, feel and live the Romanian way of life for a short while, to experience its sights, sounds and tastes, to discover its culture, traditions and history, and to appreciate the beauty of Romania’s landscapes and architecture.

      From enjoying folk culture, barbecues and camp fires in one of our forest locations, to indulging in a luxurious spa hotel in Bucharest, we can create tours that provide whatever you want from your holiday, while seeing and experiencing everything that Romania has to offer.

      This is our story…now let us create one for you.

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